A Thought in time

I like people with empathy not merely Understanding, they are those who move and take a move to bring a positive metamorphosis and at this time a universal saviour. Jesus is the populist Being made in man even as a God head.

We have retorted on our fate had man be God, well a God was once a man and it is the best form of a human being since the time of the world. Jesus never wrote only taught after having been a student of a certain Jewish synagogue who was an equal as that youngster to his Rabbis.

Basically, the purpose of Jesus manifestation was to live up a lifestyle which is to be a route through which we reach out to God even in a world we had misused our self with Adam and consequently our Adamic nature (sin; Satan inherited nature).

Its Easter again as it became as said in history ” do these in memory of me”. I think if I were close to Galilee that would be were I would spend this day. I had to Laugh out Loud to that). Let’s celebrate as after having celebrated Jesus birth when He escaped from been murdered at birth, he resurrected when Pilate and the Jews finally crucified Him, to complete the work He was sent to do, even at the ripe age of 32.

Like I said His lifestyle is a role model for us to make it to the father and without Him man was just a prisoner to Devil and sin.


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