Men from Boys

It use to be a ploy but we kinda grew with it and at a certain stage into this we had to outgrow the act in having to actually own up to it, prior before then we had enjoyed the countless safe domes it provided.

Then you get to understand what it means to be really proud, the indefinable ownership of choices, humility, ego (some are strong egoist that they idealize egoism, just like “self employed” “self practiced”). Am still yet to own the knowledge of the good and bad of this world (some are elusive) that I wonder if we shall all ever be going to heaven which is the unicorn of human desires since we can’t live forever. But someone said and I quote “death gotta be easy cause life is hard” to me that’s a universal sage whatever your hierarchy. We are yet to break the record of Methuselah, pray God wills another. With some word armory we understand that reality is illusion, come what may the season reoccur constantly.

Thus, like a wise lad who learnt what good he could be emanating from, self disposition became the practice so much that we are at a cross and need I mention our indefinable ownership of choices, well in this case there surely are seeds of prejudice that is awaiting reawakening in the human soil where it can only grow.

However, this boys are now turned to men but in the eyes of the old they are still young. I keep wandering with my thoughts lately that am in awe if it had stayed the same but that’s so much for missing a





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